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Tuesday, 22 January 2008
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Your Business Advantage - Release 1

You are part of a restricted network that nuOrder have developed over the last few years. Welcome to the first of our regular 2008 newsletter releases.

Each month you will be sent a link to the articles section of our website where you can read inspiring and thought provoking articles about business owners and improving businesses.

We hope this complimentary service adds value to your business. Please feel forward on to your network, customers, and suppliers.

Each newsletter will introduce a number of topics relating to business improvement. The featured articles plus many more can be found on our website. Just follow the links (no downloading so no virus potential).

Article: 2008 is the year to increase your response rates?

Marketing your business will require you to seriously think about all of the marketing campaigns and marketing funds that you have spent money on in the past year, only to improve the year ahead.

2008 should be the year where you set strict boundaries and only use those marketing activities that you know will guarantee you the response rate you require.

Some marketing goals for you to think about in 2008 include... (click here to read more)

Article: Your roadmap to 2008 financial success

The New Year is your time to start setting some serious goals in relation to building your finances, reducing your costs, boosting your cashflow and reviewing budgets.

Financial success for your business is probably the one thing which you want most. Having money means that you can pay for goods and services on time, pay off loans and credit cards, pay staff and if you are really lucky pay for the annual holiday.

Seeing the financial growth of your business is a reward in itself and proves that you are on your way to being who you want to be and doing what you want to do.

Here are some goals that you could think about setting for your business... (click here to read more)

Business Owners, Managers and Staff - if you're serious about taking your business to the next level please do book in a complimentary Business Evaluation Meeting.

Until next time.

Roger Brown

Managing Director






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